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One Day


I was at a wedding reception a few years ago where possibly the world’s worst deejay was playing. Gathered in the hall were the closest family and friends of the bride and groom. On the (theoretically) happiest day of their lives, the deejay chose to play a song from the band the Flaming Lips that was popular at the time – ‘Do You Realize’ which contains the following...

Don’t fight another Gulf War


What is the alternative to war? Negotiation in the context of the United Nations. Already, Iraq has dismantled weapons and looks to continue doing so. They move too slowly for Bush just as Poland and Czechoslovakia moved too slowly for Hitler. Hitler claimed that these countries threatened the most powerful country in Europe and demanded humiliating concessions. Hitler was able to at least use...

Non-linear exploration of Non-linearity


Non-linearity. It’s the buzzword of the 90s. Editing systems. The web. Multimedia. Computer interfaces. All have been touted as non-linear. But what does that mean? And why are we so fascinated with it? I started to explore that question two years ago and continued my investigation this year by talking to four professors at Ryerson’s School of Image Arts: Bruce...

Nam June Paik


For over thirty years, Nam June Paik has participated in and helped to shape the video art scene. He has worked in the medium almost since its inception and is rightfully called by many the “father of video art.” Paik’s principal focus has been the construction of video sculptures but he has also pioneered new types of performance and video signal manipulation. Born in Seoul in...

What is Non-Linearity?


Channel surfing, web surfing, multimedia. All of these have been called "non-linear." But what does that really mean? On a purely literal level, non-linear means not "having or resembling a graph that is a line and especially a straight line". That means my hair and shoes are non-linear but nobody seems to be getting excited about that. So, why the hoopla? Why does it seem as if everything today...



Ubiquitous. That’s the word. World Wide Web addresses tacked onto billboards, magazine advertisements, television commercials. They’re everywhere! And the myths about the internet are ubiquitous too. Freedom of choice. Access for all. No discrimination. The history of the internet and of advertising reveal how truly these are myths. The internet started as a military network to ensure...

Ideology of Television


I already don’t watch a great deal of television — which in itself may be a problem — and after learning about the ideology that TV exudes I have no desire to watch more of it. But as a media student I feel I have an obligation, if only to myself, to stare at the boob tube. Isn’t it the most influential cultural artifacts of our time? Shouldn’t I stay on top of the...



"I once saw a man passing a phone booth at the moment it rang. He hesitated and then, at the second ring, answered it. It couldn't possibly have been for him."
-- Carpenter

Artists’ dilemma


Over the Christmas break, I went home to Ottawa and while there, I visited the National Gallery of Canada. I went to the two special exhibits: the Group of Seven and M.C. Escher. The gallery was packed and we waited for three quarters of an hour to see the Escher lithographs. And all of this seemed totally natural to us! The idea of isolating art in its own building and forcing you to pay to see...



The entire definition of “artist” is changing. Appropriation has become the most popular technique. I and my classmates borrow images, music, and sound effects and incorporate them into our videos and layouts. We say, “I’d like original music, but I don’t have the time.” Even if we had the time would we go to the trouble of searching out new material inside of...

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