“I once saw a man passing a phone booth at the moment it rang. He hesitated and then, at the second ring, answered it. It couldn’t possibly have been for him.” 
— Carpenter

We sprint for the phone or break down the door, drop the groceries, and leap to pickup that receiver. The clerk or secretary says excuse me and starts talking with some person halfway across the city while you stand impatiently in front of him or her.

Why do we give priority to the telephone caller or the 8:00 sitcom? We don’t value the relationships we have with the people in the same room with us. We may sit around on a Saturday night with the television on, talking about our shared experiences. And what are those? The Simpsons last night or the hockey game last Wednesday. Remember when Homer said… He shouldn’t have got suspended for that hit, it was totally legal…

And then we wonder why we grow apart. We’ve spent ten years together (watching TV and talking on the phone to our friends). How much of that is really shared? The commercial breaks and the periods between phone calls.

By Richard Munter

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