Risky Fifteens


I created this dice game with my wife, Jessica. It’s quick to learn and a fun distraction. 
It would be a great way for small children to practice math skills.


You will need six dice – three for each player.


Two play at Risky Fifteens.

The Goal and Scoring

The first player to fifteen points wins the game. Players get one point for

  • runs (a sequence of dice like 2,3,4)
  • three of a kind (three 6s for example)
  • dice totalling fifteen (e.g. 6,6,3).

A player scores two points when dice make a run and total fifteen (e.g. 4,5,6) OR are three of a kind and a total of fifteen (5,5,5).

Starting the Game

Each player rolls all three of his dice. The player with the highest total will start the game. If either player has a run, three of a kind, or a total of fifteen, they immediately score a single point. Having a run and a fifteen OR three of a kind and a fifteen scores two points.

Playing the Game

The first player rolls a single die and announces the value of the die. Then the second player rolls announcing the total of the two dice. The players alternate rolling their dice announcing the new total of all the rolled dice. The players keep rolling until either:

  • a player rolls and the total is exactly fifteen (he scores two points immediately)
  • a player rolls and goes over fifteen (the opponent immediately scores two points)
  • both players refuse to roll (the last player to roll then scores one point)

If at any time a player has a run, three of a kind, or a total of fifteen within her own dice, she immediately scores one point.

If a player rolls a double (the same value as the last roll of the opponent) then the die does not add to the total value but can still be used for runs, three of a kind, or fifteens.

When the dice total reaches fifteen or both players refuse to roll, then the round ends. The player who rolled second last starts the new round (i.e. the player who rolled last does NOT start the new round). The count starts again at zero.

The game ends immediately a player reaches fifteen points even if a round has not been completely played out.

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