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tech • nop • o • lis n. a large community in which technology plays a dominant role

From before the acquisition of fire, humanity has been inventing and using technology. Although we have moved from spears to microchips the reality of technology remains the same. As much as we may believe that we are in control, we do live in a technological world that dominates and changes us. How easily could we divest ourselves of the artifacts with which we have surrounded ourselves?

Technopolis is a meditation on our relationship with technology. The piece consists of a live performance in which a dancer moves in front of and behind a moving video backdrop. The video is set to the primal beat of Peter Gabriel's Rhythm of the Heat and represents a journey from outside, into technology. The dancer represents the primitive innocent who enters the world of technology and experience and must finally find her own truth within it.

With this piece I hope to move people to consider our dependence on technology. At the same time as it leads us into certain avenues of thought and habit, it also opens up new directions and possibilities. The negative lies not in technology but in our own ground in habits of dealing with it. Technopolis emphasizes that we can have a positive relationship with technology.

Just like Nam June Paik showed in Reclining Buddha and in TV Bra for Living Sculpture, the primitive and the technological can be successfully melded. And we must understand and relate positively to technology since we live in an age where technology often threatens to fragment identity.

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