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This piece deals with the cyclical nature of our lives. The principal cycle is waking and sleeping. Of course, this cycle comprises many sub-cycles as well as itself being a part of much larger cycles (life/death, evolution, extinction...). The piece starts in the middle of this sleep/waking cycle. The cycles keep repeating/pounding into the protagonist until she reaches a crisis point where she confronts and deals with the cyclical nature of her life. The cycles themselves are not negative nor can most of them be escaped; however, we can change the manner in which we deal with these cycles. The protagonist slowly makes changes in her life and continues to do so as the piece fades out (not ending, just passing from our attention signifying that the cycles continue and do not end).

The video stands on its own but is intended to be part of a performance piece combining live dance and video. During the live performance of the piece, the video is projected on a large backdrop behind the dancers. The video image combines multiple discrete images (up to 25 at one time) and is rapidly edited so that only through the repetition of elements is the content discernible. Additionally, the video is not edited to the music and instead creates its own rhythm. The music, by Michael-Paul Ella, is composed with the principles of serial music and contemporary composition in mind. The music incorporates the idea of cycles within cycles. The music is intentionally anxiety-inducing and challenging to the audience. The dance component is choreographed in the modern style.

The multimedia piece had its world premiere on January 19 and 20, 2008, at Dance Weekend.

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