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Racial Tension

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It was the beginning of time: an era of swordsmanship, honour, and the greatest magic. Humanity stood ready to conquer the earth but five new races, seeds of alien contact, rose up alongside them. The challenge was given and a war began that would last a hundred generations.

City, fort, and additional forces markers

The overlords, brilliant and ruthless tacticians, had gained their positions of power through their abilities as warriors and sorcerors. Now, with legions of loyal followers behind them, the overlords would seek to crush all resistance to their rule and establish an empire. Treaties and pacts would be made and broken as each race and its ruler sought ultimate victory.

At the end of it, only one race would remain, the ruler of earth and humanity as we now understand it. And so the story begins...

Army pieces

Racial Tension is a war game for two to six players set in a fantasy world. The players have an opportunity to choose armies and simulate campaigns on a vast world. The game map is a hexagonal grid with lakes, mountains, etc. The six armies possess unique attributes which predispose them to different styles of combat. Part of winning at Racial Tension is understanding the particular strengths of the races.