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Casino is a card game for two to four players. The rules are unlike most other card games but Casino is quite fun once you understand how to play. Back in 1993, my father and I created a computer version of it. We designed the interface together and my father did all the coding. That first version ran under DOS. When Windows 98 came along, we decided to code a new version of the game. This time, my father programmed the logic into a standalone piece of code (a DLL) while I programmed the user interface. He worked on a Mac in CodeWarrior and I worked on a PC in Delphi. This version is designed for one player against the computer.

Download the Windows version for 2 players (290 KB)

Download the DOS version for 4 players (256 KB)

Running Casino

To run the Windows version, simply download and run the game. This has been tested on versions of Windows from Windows 98 to Window 10. The game does not need to be installed.

The DOS version will not run on modern versions of Windows. We have successfully run it using the DOS emulator, DOS Box. Download Casino and DOS Box (or the DOS emulator of your choice). Launch DOS Box, mount the file location of Casino, then type 'Casino' to play the game. (Quick start instructions for DOS Box)